BURN MORE COAL wins big with the SEC

The “green wave” of utilities shutting down coal fired power plants in the name of climate change has hit a rock, with bigger rocks to come. In this case the rock is the activist BURN MORE COAL, with the help of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)… BMC principal (and legendary skeptic) Steve Milloy sums it up this way…


BURN MORE COAL in the news…

NIPSCO’s plan will cost shareholders and customers alike, says Fred Palmer, managing director of and a Heartland Institute senior fellow. “NIPSCO’s proposal to replace all coal-fired generation within 10 years with higher-cost renewables comes without a legitimate business or environmental reason to take this action,” said Palmer. “Customers will be punished, and shareholder wealth will be squandered as NIPSCO’s plan, with its new high-price rate structure, drives manufacturing overseas to China-led Asia, where new coal plants are being built and existing low-cost coal generation is booming.”

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BURN MORE COAL in the news…on Trump EPA proposal to end the Obama new coal ban

Perspective from BURN MORE COAL co-founder Fred Palmer on the skepticism surrounding yesterday’s proposal to end the new coal plant ban. Bottom line: The game for coal is now at the utility level — and that’s where BURN MORE COAL is playing. 

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BURN MORE COAL co-founder comments in New York Times on National Climate Assessment

BURN MORE COAL co-founder Steve Milloy makes three points in today’s New York Times: 1) The National Climate Assessment is irrelevant; 2) It is a product of the Deep State (not the Trump administration); and 3) Releasing it untouched but on Black Friday was an expediency.

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