Introducing… BURN MORE COAL

Welcome. We love coal. Beautiful clean coal. We want electric utilities to drop their foolhardy anti-coal political correctness so they can burn more coal to power our economy, raise our standard of living, secure our nation and set an example for the rest of the world. We own stock in electric utilities so we can advocate for coal as shareholders. You can help us buy stock and support our campaign for coal. You can also help out by giving us your proxy in electric utility stock you own. Check out ABOUT, MANIFESTO, ADVOCACY and PORTFOLIO to learn more about us. Come back regularly to check out our activities and take on the latest news, posted below. Check out media stories about us.

Despite Glencore virtue-signaling, Aussie government is all in for coal

“’What I would like to see is that Australian mining companies and Australian jobs capture as much of the world coal market as possible,’ Resources Minister Matt Canavan told media. ‘And that market is booming,’ he said… Canavan said that Glencore’s move to cap production was self-serving. ‘Call me cynical, but I think the announcement overnight appears to be much more to do with the self-interest of Glencore then the planetary interest of trying to save the climate,’ he said.”

Source: Reuters Web | PDF

Ameren issues ‘Smart Energy Plan’

Too often, ‘smart’ is 21st century-ese for ‘dumb.’ So BURN MORE COAL will be testing Ameren to see how smart the plan really is. But the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050 and increased reliance on expensive and unreliable wind/solar/battery junk doesn’t sound promising.

Source: Ameren 1. Media release Web | PDF; 2. Smart Energy Plan Web | PDF