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Welcome. We love coal. Beautiful clean coal. We want electric utilities to drop their foolhardy anti-coal political correctness so they can burn more coal to power our economy, raise our standard of living, secure our nation and set an example for the rest of the world. We own stock in electric utilities so we can advocate for coal as shareholders. You can help us buy stock and support our campaign for coal. You can also help out by giving us your proxy in electric utility stock you own. Check out ABOUT, MANIFESTO, ADVOCACY and PORTFOLIO to learn more about us. Come back regularly to check out our activities and take on the latest news, posted below. Check out media stories about us.

Report: China Leads Investment in Coal Projects

“China has committed or proposed about $36 billion in financing for 102 gigawatts of coal-fired capacity in 23 countries. That represents more than a quarter of all coal-fired capacity under development outside of China… The Chinese government has identified coal plant construction and operation as a strategy investment for international development and state support for the country.” Again, US utilities are accomplishing nothing by shuttering coal plants. Claims to the contrary are lies.

Source: Web | PDF (report)

Global coal-fired power projected to increase 1% per year between 2019-2023

“A key factor driving the growth of the market is the rising urbanization. This is due to the rise in population, improved standards of living, and the availability of better infrastructure and facilities in urban areas compared with rural areas. The growth in urban population is driven by emerging economies such as China, India, and Nigeria due to their rapid economic development. With the growth in the urban population, the need for basic facilities such as commercial and residential infrastructures is increasing. Urbanization directly boosts activities in industries such as construction and automotive, thus increasing the demand for power, in turn, propelling the growth of the global coal-fired power generation market during the forecast period.”

Source: Business Wire

Holman Jenkins on a CO2 tax: “Let’s grow up”

Wall Street Journal editorial page write Holman Jenkins rubbishes the recent rentseeker-funded “prominent economist” call for a CO2 tax. Note also: “Corporations rush to fund the carbon-dividend campaign not because they believe the plan is actionable, but because CEOs and PR departments need something gaudy to point to in order to suggest their concern about climate.”

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