Fuel switching

WSJ: Cuomo’s Cold Weather Tax

“Last week the utility Consolidated Edison announced a moratorium on natural-gas hook-ups in New York City’s Westchester suburb due to pipeline constraints. “You have a lot of natural gas around the country, but getting it to New York has been the strain,” said utility spokesman Mike Clendenin. Developers are warning that they will have to put projects on ice until natural-gas constraints are eased.”

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Coal to biomass fuel switching?

Biomass is much less efficient than coal — meaning more CO2 will be produced for the amount of power generated. Climate alarmism makes people lose their minds. Also: “The government also plans to reduce France’s dependence on nuclear power which accounts for over 75 percent of French electricity needs, while boosting the development of greener energies. French power grid operator RTE, has warned that the plan to shut down some coal and nuclear generators, could leave France, a net exporter of electricity in Europe, largely dependent on neighbors during peak demand periods, particularly in winter.” Nukes have zero emissions. Freezing-via-blackout will really put the yellow vests into orbit.

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Utilities can fuel-switch, but they can’t escape climate hysteria

“But when gas plants run harder to meet an increase in electricity demand, emissions go up. That’s what happened in 2018, when a combination of weather events and a hot economy prompted the first increase in electricity demand in years… “At some point, for our carbon emissions to continue to go down, traditional natural gas is not going to get us there anymore.”

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